Bill Gates shows how to crash PCs in the Living Room

I am not sure if this was supposed to be some kind of satirical prequel to the much-anticipated Jobs' presentation at Macworld Expo next week. But on Wednesday, Bill Gates opened the CES in Las Vegas with a nice little keynote:billgates-conan.jpg

Sitting in a frightening big chair, Gates explained Late Night host Conan O'Brien, what to expect when Windows finally moves from the office to the living room, including exciting things like crashing the TV with a remote control or being pleasantly surprised by a Blue Screen of Death while trying to play a video game on the X-Box...

Really great stuff !!

If you want to see it yourself, just fire up your BitTorrent Client for this Torrent file. It downloads a 178 MByte large video file in crappy WMV-format, documenting this memorable event...

Sean Alexander, a Microsoft employee, who was present at the event, writes about what happened during the presentation behind the scenes in his weblog... (via Scobleizer & Fscklog)