Seth Godin on Weblogs & PR

Global PR Blog Week has a very good interview with Seth Godin on how weblogs could and should be used by PR professionals.

Some nice lines from the interview:
  • "I think (but what do I know) that PR pros can add a huge amount of value by focusing on P, not R. By working with the company as the voice of the public, helping them understand how to make stuff worth talking about. Moving upstream ever closer to the core of the factory."

  • "If you're [PR professionals] not using Technorati to watch what people are saying, I'm not sure you're [PR professionals] doing your job!"

  • "No, stop seeing it [Weblogs] as a solution. It's a tactic that leads to an overhaul to what you do. If all you do is view this as a new way to do your old job, you will fail. Fail! I hope that the PR community doesn't wreck this medium, but I'm not optimistic."
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