Wanna know, who your neighbor votes for ? Just check out Fundrace.org !

Do you live in the US and have donated some money to a political party or candidate ? Then head over to Fundrace.org and check your record (from the New York Times):
Fundrace was created by a small team at Eyebeam, a New York-based nonprofit arts organization that focuses on emerging technologies. The basic data at the site - the names, addresses and occupations of contributors and the amount of money they have given to a presidential candidate - is part of the public record and supplied by the Federal Election Commission.

But Fundrace takes the information further by subjecting the location data to geocoding, a process that assigns a latitude-longitude coordinate to an address. Once a donor's address is pinpointed, it can be searched according to its proximity to any other point - say, your address. (...)
So much for the secrecy of the ballot ! Pretty interesting, but also a little bit creepy, isn't it ?

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