Coca-Cola puts GPS and cellphones into cans for sales promotion

USA Today reports about an interesting campaign which Coca-Cola will launch next week in the US (via AdMblog):
About 120 Coke cans are being covertly converted into a combination global positioning satellite receiver and cell phone. (...)

coke-gps-canConsumers who find the winning cans activate the technology to call a pre-programmed hotline. They then must agree that Coke "search teams," using the GPS tracker, can surprise them anyplace, anytime up to three weeks to deliver the prizes, which include a 2005 Chevy Equinox SUV, a chance on $1 million through Harrah's Casino, Disney vacations and home entertainment systems.

The technology tracks cans to within about 50 feet anywhere in America, and winners must carry the cans at all times until one of five prize teams around the country shows up to exchange the prize for the can. "It's all about the surprise," Schiller says.

A voyeuristic bonus: At the sweepstakes' Web site ( consumers can watch the tracking of cans that have been called in.
Wow, sounds pretty spectacular ! Unfortunately, it will be - once again - US only...