Corante launches a new Blog on the Future of PR

Blog network Corante just started a new weblog called Flackster:
Flackster's "mission" (ugh) is to explore, through the voices of PR professionals, journalists, cultural commentators and others, how the rapid rise of social media and participatory journalism is impacting both the business of news reporting and the role of public relations.

I'm going to look at examples from both sides of the flack/hack equation: egregious cluelessness from PR people trying to influence bloggers, and muddy-headed responses from inkblot journalists, scorning the blogosphere at their peril. I'm hoping I'll also find opportunities to hurl bouquets at the bright sparks, and set up pointers for the perplexed along the way. And I’m not going to shy away from airing some of the dirty laundry in this peculiar little world I inhabit.
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Sounds pretty promising. Especially because the author is an insider to the pr industry: Michael O'Connor Clarke, President of Mansfield Communications.

(via Micro Persuasion)