Deloitte Consulting starts Viral Marketing Campaign

Consultants have an inherent tendency to use lots of jargon even when they talk about the simplest things in life. But now the Bullfighter, a new software from Deloitte Consulting, is about to give these guys a hard time.

Bullfighter from Deloitte Consulting It's a piece of software, which plugs right into Word or Powerpoint and checks documents there for jargon and readability. If you have used to many words like "holistic", "synergy" or "operationalize", the Bullfighter gives you a poor rating accompanied by some frank comments about your writing style.

Quite ironic for a consulting company to come up with such an idea, isn't it ?

But this is much more than just a self-ironic joke. It's a brilliant example for a viral marketing campaign by a professional services company. And using a small, intelligent program as the viral agent is, in this case, much more appropriate than a funny little movie clip.

But let's hope, it becomes standard procedure at Deloitte to check presentations with their own software, because it their customers will definitely do...