Terrorists in the US Senate - Part 2

The strange idea of Senator Hatch to let big media companies remotely destroy computers, which are used to share illegal files, was not very well received in the blogosphere.Hands Off Hatch !

As a result Mr. Hatch suddenly had to realize that messing with the online community feels a little bit like messing with the IRS. And as we all know from our last tax audit - if they start to look, they do find stuff:
As Rummy probably would put it: "Well, stuff happens..." ;-)

I wonder what would happen if BSA and RIAA would care to pay a visit to Mr. Hatch's Office !? Is really every MS Office-Version fully licensed ? No staffer is listening to relaxing mp3s from dubious sources ??

Oh, by the way: You now can even buy anti-Hatch merchandise right here on the internet. Pretty amazing, what a free market system makes possible in such a short time, isn't it ? ;-)