"If Smirnoff Made Trunks" - New Viral Campaign from Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka has launched a microsite, created by DigitalTMW, for a new online branding campaign (via MarketingWonk).

There you can watch a viral video clip with a very motivated dolphin trainer. And you are also able to "direct" your own movie trailer, which is then send to friends & family. Nice idea, very well executed...

By the way, before the microsite lets you in, you have to declare the country, where you are accessing the internet from. If it is not Great Britain it tells you:
"Sorry this website only operates in the UK."
Strange... Even stranger is the fact, that you also can access the site from the Republic of Ireland !!! Are they again part of the United Kingdom ? Have I missed something here ?? ;-)